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For Students
  • View, on your Portal page, announcements, events, and tasks for all your courses. Customize everything! Choose a color theme, add extra links, or get instant weather and stock reports.

  • Your personal event calendar not only lists the times and dates of lectures, tutorials, labs, and other events related to your courses, but you can also add your events or reminders.

  • The MyCourses Search engine helps you find things within the MyCourses web site and allows you to lookup topics in many external site such as PubMed, OMIM, and the Merck Manual.

  • A variety of Resources are associated with each of your courses. Resources include handouts, lecture videos, image collections, and links to related web sites.

  • Online case studies are enriched with movies, images, and other multimedia.
For Faculty
  • CourseEditor, an easy-to-use, web-based application allows you to manage your course's web pages without requiring any programming.

  • CaseBuilder is an extremely flexible tool for creating online case studies. Templates walk beginning users through the process of creating a simple case. Experienced users can access extra options that allows them to construct complex cases enriched with multimedia.

  • The ResourceBank is a collection of handouts, links, images, movies, case studies, and other resources that may be freely used within any HMS course. You can also upload your own resources to MyCourses and contribute to the ResourceBank.