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The following courses have provided open course materials:

  Course    Title    Resources  
AC700M.J  Primary Care Clerkship  4
AC700M.S  SuperCourse: Primary Care Clerkship  7
ACADEMY  Academy  1
AHG  Advanced Human Genetics  4
AP101  The International Structural Acupuncture...  210
AT501.0  Clinical Application of Anatomy  9
BCMP234  Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease  132
BCMP235  Principles of Human Disease: Physiology ...  40
BIDMC_STAR  BIDMC Senior Teaching Resident Course  4
BIOSTAT-10  Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Researc...  2
BIOSTAT-101  Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Investi...  8
BP714.0  Proteins: Structure, Function and Cataly...  1
BP715.0  Molecular Approaches to Drug Action, Dis...  2
BP725.0  Theory & Practice of Techniques in Molec...  4
BWH-LONG  Brigham and Womens Longitudinal Clerkshi...  2
CB2100  Chemical Biology 2100  6
CB2101  Strategies in Chemical Biology  15
CIC  Cambridge Integrated Clerkship   39
CME -Dep2  Assessment and Treatment of Depression I...  2
CME-GERI1  Pain Management Strategies in the Elderl...  9
CME-GERI2  Pain Management Strategies in the Elderl...  3
CME-GERI3  Delirium: A Medical Emergency  3
CME-GERI4  Dementia, Elder Abuse, Driving  4
CME-Geri5  Ethical Considerations and Challenges in...  3
CME-GERI6  Osteoporosis  5
CME-Geri7  Skin and Chronic Wound Care in Older Adu...  6
CN700.0  Physician in Community: A Service Learni...  7
CSHH  Circadian Science and Human Health  18
DEMO  A Demonstration Course  11
DH601.00PS  Global Oral Health: Principles and Inter...  2
eComputing  eComputing  2
EM_LIT  Emergency Medicine Literature Collection  8
GEN219  Inheritance  34
General Links  HMS General References  1
GH701.0  Qualitative Methods for Global Health  2
GILBERT  Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation  6
GN724.0  Genotype to Phenotype: Epigenetics and O...  34
GR705.40  Health Management For Older Adults: Developing An Interdisciplinary Approach  339
HC704.0  Introduction to Health Care Policy  75
HC706.0  Introduction to Health Care Management  1
HO701.0  Medicine, Human Rights, and the Physicia...  6
HO710.0  Continuing Study in Gross Anatomy  1
HST586  Genomic Medicine  1
HT020.0  Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology  2
HT030  Human Pathology  9
HT030.0  Human Pathology  6
HT040  Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis  4
HT040.0  Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis  7
HT070.0  Human Reproductive Biology  37
HT080.0  Hematology  25
HT110.0  Renal Pathophysiology  20
HT120  Gastroenterology  37
HT150  Principles of Pharmacology  19
HT150.0  Principles of Pharmacology  9
HT160  Molecular Biology and Genetics in Modern...  5
HT175  Cellular and Molecular Immunology  1
HT175.0  Cellular and Molecular Immunology  4
HT190  Statistical Planning and Analysis in Bio...  2
HT512  Genomic Medicine  5
HT521  Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering in M...  1
HT521  Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering in M...  4
HT535  Principles and Practice of Tissue Engine...  72
HT590  Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series: T...  20
HT718  Anatomy of Speech and Hearing  27
HT921  Information Technology in the Healthcare...  1
HT932.0  Introduction to Global Medicine: Bioscience, Technologies, Disparities, Strategies  1
IC_Skills  Interpersonal & Communication Skills  1
IDP500.00IN  Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Case...  8
IDP501.00IN  Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Case...  8
IDP502.00IN  Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Case...  7
IM702.0  Principles of Immunology  11
IM729.0  The Primary Immunodeficiencies  28
IMM301  Immunology Seminar Discussion Course  90
IN550M.1A  Women's and Children's Obs/Gyn Component...  2
IN550M.3A  Women's and Children's Obs/Gyn Component...  3
IN550M.3B  Women's and Children's Pediatrics Compon...  1
IN550M.7B  Women's and Children's Pediatrics Compon...  3
IN601.0  Medicine and Management  1
IN701.0  The Human Body  35
IN704.0  Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious ...  13
IN708.0a  Human Systems, Dermatology  48
IN709M.30b  HRCA - Patient-Doctor Year II - Introduc...  2
IN709M.6b  CAM - Patient-Doctor Year II - Introduct...  13
IN711.0  Chemistry and Biology of the Cell  27
IN731.0  Human Development  2
IN750M.J  Patient-Doctor III  23
IN750M.S  SuperCourse: Patient-Doctor III  10
IN753.0  The Human Body  7
IN754.0  Immunology, Microbiology and Pathology  1
IN755.0  Human Genetics  3
IN757.0g  Human Systems: Respiratory/Cardiovascula...  1
IN757.0k  Human Systems: Gastrointestinal  12
IN757.CAR  Human Systems - Cardiovascular  3
IN757.NUT  Human Systems - Nutrition  1
IN757.RES  Human Systems - Respiratory  2
IN759M.J  Patient-Doctor Year I  3
IN761.5  Patient Doctor II - BIDMC  4
IN761.6  Patient Doctor II - CAM  4
IN761.S  SuperCourse: Patient Doctor II - BWH  9
LN703.0  Medical Portuguese  1
LN705.0  Intermediate Medical Spanish  1
LN707.0  Advanced Medical Spanish  1
MA701.0  Medical Ethics in Clinical Practice  3
ME535M.S  SuperCourse: Emergency Medicine  380
ME549.J  Complementary and Integrative Medicine  1
ME600M.23  Core Medicine Clerkship I  1
ME600M.3  Core Clerkship Medicine  1
ME600M.5  Core Medicine Clerkship I  9
ME726M.0  Spirituality and Healing in Medicine  10
ME728.0  Molecular Biology of Human Disease  3
ME729.0  Mind-Body Medicine  2
ME732.0  Fundamental Methods of Clinical Trials  1
MedSci220  Human Pathophysiology  14
MEDSCI300  Conduct of Science  8
MG723.0  Virology  2
MRJC  Medicine Resident Journal Club  6
NB713.0  Neurobiology of Disease  3
NN500M.23  Core Clerkship in Neurology  3
OB600M.3  Core Clerkship Obstetrics/Gynecology  7
OB606.00XX  Fundamentals of Oral Implantology  5
OB606.CBS  Fundamentals of Oral Implantology  3
OB611.00CBS  Craniofacial Development and Genetics  75
OB614.00CBS  Mineralized Tissue Biology and Diseases  1
OE732.PS  Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology Rese...  1
ORTHOJC  Journal Club  4
ORTHOOSCA  Orthodontic Science & Clinical Applicati...  1
PB707.0  Training the Eye: Improving the Art of P...  40
PCE700M.23  Principal Clinical Experience  1
PCE700M.3  Principal Clinical Experience  1
PCE700M.5  Principal Clinical Experience  4
PD512-NCC  Neonatology Core Curriculum  18
PD512-NCC.1  Newborn Medicine Part 1  6
PD600M.3  Core Clerkship Pediatrics  1
PE604.00  IV Sedation  17
PIC503.0  Physician In Community  5
PS500M.1  BIDMC/ MMHC Core Clerkship in Psychiatry  34
PS500M.6  Core Clerkship in Psychiatry  5
RD500M.3  Core Clerkship Radiology  49
RD500M.6c  Core Radiology Clerkship at CIC  5
RD501M.23  Advanced Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiolo...  18
RM511.0  The Role of Discovery in Medicine  2
RTF  Radiology Teaching Files  14
SDM101B.00  Dental Head and Neck  16
SDM103B.00  Principles of Research Methods  3
SDM107B.00  Craniofacial and Neck Anatomy  1
SDM108B.00  Craniofacial Genetics  8
SDM110B.00  Oral Physiology  1
SDM111B.00  Oral Microbiology and Immunology  5
SDM204C.00  Intro to the Dental Patient  6
SDM308C.00  Occlusion, Malocclusion and Treatment  1
SDM311C.00  Treatment of Active Disease  2
SDM312C.00  Final Restorative Treatment  5
SDM313C.00  Treatment of the Child and Adolescent  1
SDM318C.00  Advanced Dentistry  5
SDM404C.00  Advanced Dentistry Rotation  12
SIM501.0  Scholarship in Medicine  3
SIMULATE  Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation  2
SM700.0  The Social Roots of Health and Disease  1
SM702.0  Culture, Poverty and Infectious Disease  1
SM750.0  Introduction to Social Medicine  2
Spaced_Ed  Spaced Education  3432
SU600M.23  Core Clerkship in Surgery  3
TRIALS-09  Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials  2
VP  Virtual Patient  17
WD140  Good, Better, Best  1