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The following courses have provided open course materials:

  Course    Title    Resources  
AC700M.J  Primary Care Clerkship  4
AC700M.S  SuperCourse: Primary Care Clerkship  7
ACADEMY  Academy  1
AHG  Advanced Human Genetics  4
AP101  The International Structural Acupuncture...  210
AT501.0  Clinical Application of Anatomy  9
BCMP234  Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease  132
BCMP235  Principles of Human Disease: Physiology ...  40
BIDMC_STAR  BIDMC Senior Teaching Resident Course  4
BIOSTAT-10  Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Researc...  2
BIOSTAT-101  Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Investi...  8
BP714.0  Proteins: Structure, Function and Cataly...  1
BP715.0  Molecular Approaches to Drug Action, Dis...  2
BP725.0  Theory & Practice of Techniques in Molec...  4
BWH-LONG  Brigham and Womens Longitudinal Clerkshi...  2
CB2100  Chemical Biology 2100  6
CB2101  Strategies in Chemical Biology  15
CIC  Cambridge Integrated Clerkship   39
CME -Dep2  Assessment and Treatment of Depression I...  2
CME-GERI1  Pain Management Strategies in the Elderl...  9
CME-GERI2  Pain Management Strategies in the Elderl...  3
CME-GERI3  Delirium: A Medical Emergency  3
CME-GERI4  Dementia, Elder Abuse, Driving  4
CME-Geri5  Ethical Considerations and Challenges in...  3
CME-GERI6  Osteoporosis  5
CME-Geri7  Skin and Chronic Wound Care in Older Adu...  6
CN700.0  Physician in Community: A Service Learni...  7
CSHH  Circadian Science and Human Health  18
DEMO  A Demonstration Course  11
DH601.00PS  Global Oral Health: Principles and Inter...  2
eComputing  eComputing  2
EM_LIT  Emergency Medicine Literature Collection  8
GEN219  Inheritance   34
General Links  HMS General References  1
GH701.0  Qualitative Methods for Global Health  2
GILBERT  Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation  6
GN724.0  Genotype to Phenotype: Epigenetics and O...  34
GR705.40  Health Management For Older Adults: Developing An Interdisciplinary Approach  376
HC704.0  Introduction to Health Care Policy  75
HC706.0  Introduction to Health Care Management  1
HO701.0  Medicine, Human Rights, and the Physicia...  6
HO710.0  Continuing Study in Gross Anatomy  1
HST586  Genomic Medicine  1
HT020.0  Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology  2
HT030  Human Pathology  9
HT030.0  Human Pathology  6
HT040  Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis  4
HT040.0  Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis  7
HT070.0  Human Reproductive Biology  37
HT080.0  Hematology  25
HT110.0  Renal Pathophysiology  20
HT120  Gastroenterology  37
HT150  Principles of Pharmacology  19
HT150.0  Principles of Pharmacology  9
HT160  Molecular Biology and Genetics in Modern...  5
HT175  Cellular and Molecular Immunology  1
HT175.0  Cellular and Molecular Immunology  4
HT190  Statistical Planning and Analysis in Bio...  2
HT512  Genomic Medicine  5
HT521  Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering in M...  1
HT521  Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering in M...  4
HT535  Principles and Practice of Tissue Engine...  72
HT590  Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series: T...  20
HT718  Anatomy of Speech and Hearing  27
HT921  Information Technology in the Healthcare...  1
HT932.0  Introduction to Global Medicine: Bioscience, Technologies, Disparities, Strategies  1
IC_Skills  Interpersonal & Communication Skills  1
IDP500.00IN  Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Case...  23
IDP501.00IN  Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Case...  24
IDP502.00IN  Interdepartmental Multidisciplinary Case...  26
IM702.0  Principles of Immunology  11
IM729.0  The Primary Immunodeficiencies  28
IMM301  Immunology Seminar Discussion Course  90
IN550M.1A  Women's and Children's Obs/Gyn Component...  2
IN550M.3A  Women's and Children's Obs/Gyn Component...  3
IN550M.3B  Women's and Children's Pediatrics Compon...  1
IN550M.7B  Women's and Children's Pediatrics Compon...  3
IN601.0  Medicine and Management  1
IN701.0  The Human Body  35
IN704.0  Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious ...  13
IN708.0a  Human Systems, Dermatology  48
IN709M.30b  HRCA - Patient-Doctor Year II - Introduc...  2
IN709M.6b  CAM - Patient-Doctor Year II - Introduct...  13
IN711.0  Chemistry and Biology of the Cell  27
IN731.0  Human Development  2
IN750M.J  Patient-Doctor III  23
IN750M.S  SuperCourse: Patient-Doctor III  10
IN753.0  The Human Body  7
IN754.0  Immunology, Microbiology and Pathology  1
IN755.0  Human Genetics  3
IN757.0g  Human Systems: Respiratory/Cardiovascula...  1
IN757.0k  Human Systems: Gastrointestinal   12
IN757.CAR  Human Systems - Cardiovascular  3
IN757.NUT  Human Systems - Nutrition  1
IN757.RES  Human Systems - Respiratory  2
IN759M.J  Patient-Doctor Year I  3
IN761.5  Patient Doctor II - BIDMC  4
IN761.6  Patient Doctor II - CAM  4
IN761.S  SuperCourse: Patient Doctor II - BWH  9
LN703.0  Medical Portuguese  1
LN705.0  Intermediate Medical Spanish  1
LN707.0  Advanced Medical Spanish  1
MA701.0  Medical Ethics in Clinical Practice  3
MC500.0  MyCourses Demonstration Course  1
ME535M.S  SuperCourse: Emergency Medicine  380
ME549.J  Complementary and Integrative Medicine  1
ME600M.23  Core Medicine Clerkship I  1
ME600M.3  Core Clerkship Medicine  1
ME600M.5  Core Medicine Clerkship I  9
ME726M.0  Spirituality and Healing in Medicine  23
ME728.0  Molecular Biology of Human Disease  3
ME729.0  Mind-Body Medicine  2
ME732.0  Fundamental Methods of Clinical Trials  1
MedSci220  Human Pathophysiology  14
MEDSCI300  Conduct of Science  8
MG723.0  Virology  2
MRJC  Medicine Resident Journal Club  6
NB713.0  Neurobiology of Disease  3
NN500M.23  Core Clerkship in Neurology  3
OB600M.3  Core Clerkship Obstetrics/Gynecology  7
OB606.00XX  Fundamentals of Oral Implantology  20
OB606.CBS  Fundamentals of Oral Implantology  3
OB608.0CBS  Graduate Head and Neck Anatomy  1
OB611.00CBS  Craniofacial Development and Genetics  75
OB614.00CBS  Mineralized Tissue Biology and Diseases  1
OE732.PS  Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology Rese...  1
OHPE751.00BIO  Biostatistics  1
ORTHOJC  Journal Club  4
ORTHOOSCA  Orthodontic Science & Clinical Applicati...  1
PB707.0  Training the Eye: Improving the Art of P...  40
PCE700M.23  Principal Clinical Experience  1
PCE700M.3  Principal Clinical Experience  1
PCE700M.5  Principal Clinical Experience  4
PD512-NCC  Neonatology Core Curriculum  18
PD512-NCC.1  Newborn Medicine Part 1  6
PD600M.3  Core Clerkship Pediatrics  1
PE604.00  IV Sedation  17
PIC503.0  Physician In Community  5
PS500M.1  BIDMC/ MMHC Core Clerkship in Psychiatry  34
PS500M.6  Core Clerkship in Psychiatry  5
RD500M.3  Core Clerkship Radiology  49
RD500M.6c  Core Radiology Clerkship at CIC  5
RD501M.23  Advanced Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiolo...  18
RM511.0  The Role of Discovery in Medicine  2
RTF  Radiology Teaching Files  14
SDM101B.00  Dental Head and Neck  16
SDM103B.00  Principles of Research Methods  3
SDM107B.00  Craniofacial and Neck Anatomy  1
SDM108B.00  Craniofacial Genetics  8
SDM110B.00  Oral Physiology  1
SDM111B.00  Oral Microbiology and Immunology  5
SDM204C.00  Intro to the Dental Patient  6
SDM308C.00  Occlusion, Malocclusion and Treatment  1
SDM311C.00  Treatment of Active Disease  2
SDM312C.00  Final Restorative Treatment  5
SDM313C.00  Treatment of the Child and Adolescent  1
SDM318C.00  Advanced Dentistry  5
SDM404C.00  Advanced Dentistry Rotation  12
SIM501.0  Scholarship in Medicine  3
SIMULATE  Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation  2
SM700.0  The Social Roots of Health and Disease  1
SM702.0  Culture, Poverty and Infectious Disease  1
SM750.0  Introduction to Social Medicine  2
Spaced_Ed  Spaced Education  3432
SU600M.23  Core Clerkship in Surgery  3
TRIALS-09  Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials  2
VP  Virtual Patient  17
WD140  Good, Better, Best  1